Exclusive Access

Exclusive Access

Are you dying for more of your favorite characters? Looking for bonus or deleted scenes? Want behind the screen glimpses at works-in progress? Early access to chapters & stories–as I write them? 

You’re in the right spot. 

Check out the info below, and when you’re ready to dive in–head to my Ream page.

More stories, sooner.
From exclusives to mega early access to upcoming novels, this is THE place to be if you want to see things before anyone else. I update multiple times per month, across all tiers, and that's just the beginning.

With the in-browser reader, you can leave comments on your favorite lines, as well as reply to my community posts. At higher tiers, you can even request a "slice of life" update for whatever pairing(s) you'd like.
What can you read on Ream?
Available now

All member levels:

Protected for the Pack — first 6 chapters
Love of Enemies — complete story
Bite of Eternity — first 4 chapters
Vision of Afterlife — first 7 chapters
On A Cruel Wind — smutty chapter
Heart in Knots — first 3 chapters
Fate so Twisted — first 2 chapters

Primfan exclusives:

Secret RomCom — first 2 chapters
The Witch’s Mechanic — first 4 chapters
Desired By Death — first chapter
Secret PNR — first chapter

Still to come in June

All member levels:

6/25/23 — Invisible Strings, Chapter 1


6/21/23 — Secret PNR, Chapter 2
6/28/23 — ✨New✨Secret Shifters, Chapter 1
+Anything else I decide to toss up!

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